During the development of life sciences, microscopy has always played a vital role. With the emergence and improvement of new techniques, cutting-edge researches on structure and dynamic properties of complex biological systems such as biological macromolecular complexes at nanoscale, cells at micrometer scale, and even tissues and organs at larger scales are experiencing major breakthroughs, bringing clearer understandings on how life units complete advanced biological functions from cell division, neuronal connections, to human brain cognition and consciousness at multiple spatiotemporal scales.

By interdisciplinary collaborations, we focus specifically on effective technologies and methods for analyzing the structure and function of neural synapses and neuronal circuits, especially nanoscale imaging techniques such as CryoEM, Cryo-CLEM and super resolution imaging. We also independently developed a new ultra-high speed 3D fluorescent microscopy VISoRs, and combined it with electrophysiology and behavioral methods for high-throughput analysis of whole-brain structure and activity traces.