Lab of neurophysics and neurophysiology in USTC is committed to applying and developing cutting-edge interdisciplinary technologies to analyze the neuronal circuit mechanism underlying brain function and disease. We welcome excellent scientific researchers who are interested in exploring the mysteries of the brain!

1.Postdoctoral fellow

A Ph.D. degree in relevant disciplines, including biology, physics or informatics, with in-depth research experiences in 1-2 related fields such as neurophysiology, molecular biology, microscopy, image data processing or neural network simulation,

strong interest in neuroscience.

Work independently, willing to learn, diligent and rigorous, responsible and team spirit. Particularly outstanding candidates can be hired as special associate research fellows, which requires more than 2 years of postdoc experience in related fields and good paper writing and publication records.

Once hired, you will receive interdisciplinary training and perform challenging frontier research in a relatively free scientific research environment, have the opportunity to independently and cooperatively apply for scientific research projects, and the salary and benefits will be implemented according to the relevant policies of the university, and performance rewards will be provided based on work performance. 

2.Research assistant and assistant researcher in molecular and cellular biology

A master’s degree or above in molecular and cellular biology

Proficient in molecular cloning, western blot and other skills

Strong interest in neurobiology

Responsible and team spirit

Work independently

Communication skills

Willing to learn

Antibody research experience is preferred

Once hired, you will need to provide effective technical support for the relevant scientific laboratory work, and have the opportunity to perform relatively independent or cooperative scientific research. The salary and benefits will be implemented according to the policies of the university, and performance rewards will be provided based on work performance.

3.Undergraduate and graduate student

If you have a strong interest in brain science research, have a good background knowledge of biology, physics, chemistry, computer science, or engineering, and are good at learning new knowledge and skills, you are welcome to join us.

Applicants can send your resume, personal plan, and contact information of two referees to (please delete one @ when sending the email), indicating xxx job application or undergraduate/graduate application. All materials will be kept strictly confidential.

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