The Neurophysics and Neurophysiology Laboratory (LNP2), supported by the School of Life Sciences of the University of Science and Technology of China and the Hefei National Research Center for Micro scale Material Science, was founded in 2007, and its principals are Professor Bi Guoqiang and Professor Liu Beiming. It is mainly committed to making breakthroughs in technology and application by using CryoEM, photoelectric correlation microscopy, super resolution optical microscopy (STORM) and other nano imaging means, and applying this series of international cutting-edge technologies to analyze the Fine structure and function of neural synapses, the mechanism of neural Synaptic plasticity, and the structure and function of the circuit connection map at the mesoscopic scale of the brain.

In recent years, the independent research and development of large sample three-dimensional high-speed synchronous flying scanning microscopy (VISoR) is an international leading fluorescence display Microtechnology that combines life science, physics, chemistry, computer science and other disciplines, and studies biological large samples at centimeter scale with micron resolution. VISOR technology is committed to analyzing the brain connectivity and functional connectivity maps of multiple modules at various time and spatial scales in rodents such as rats and monkeys, as well as primates such as macaques. Based on this, breakthroughs have been made in fields such as neuroscience, brain diseases, and artificial intelligence.

The laboratory welcomes ambitious and insightful individuals to join and cultivates a new generation of interdisciplinary elite talents who master cutting-edge scientific research methods and technologies, have a broad perspective, and are full of creativity.