Animal Behavior


Stereotaxic apparatus

A stereotaxic device uses a set of three coordinates that, when the head is in a fixed position, allows for the precise location of brain sections. Stereotactic surgery can be used to implant substances such as drugs or virus into the brain.


Optogenetics is an elegant approach of precisely controlling and monitoring the biological functions of a cell, group of cells, tissues, or organs with high temporal and spatial resolution by using optical system and genetic engineering technologies. 


Engineered protein receptors can respond to previously unrecognized small molecules, allowing for the gentle controlling of neuronal activities in specific brain regions by the application of a small molecule ligand.


We use the agonist or antagonist of neurotransmitter receptors to study the function of specific brain regions.

Transgenic animals

We are maintaining multiple transgenic mouse lines to satisfy various research needs.

Animal behavior setups

We have several setups, including open field, water maze, force swimming, shuffle box, and hot plate, to measure various behaviors.