ZHUANG Xiaowei Receives "Chair Professorship" of USTC

ZHUANG Xiaowei, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator, Harvard Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology and of Physics, received "Chair Professorship" of USTC on May 14. After that, she gave a lecture entitled "Bioimaging on the nanoscale: Single-molecule and super-resolution fluorescence microscopy". 


Professor ZHUANG Xiaowei receives "Chair Professorship" from President HOU Jianguo/ Photo by GUO Yujie 

ZHUANG Xiaowei entered USTC when she was 15, and got her Ph.D in University of California, Berkeley. Then, she pursued postdoctoral fellow with Steven Chu, 1997Nobel Prize Laureate in Physics in Stanford University. She develops advanced optical imaging techniques, in particular single-molecule and super-resolution imaging methods, to study problems of biomedical interest. The problems she is investigating include gene expression regulation and virus-cell interactions. More recently, she has extended her interest into neurobiology. She had gotten a lot of awards, includingMacArthur Fellowship,HHMI collaborative Innovation Award,TR Worlds Top 100 Young Innovators Award,Max Delbruck Prize in Biological Physics,Raymond & Beverly Sackler International Prize in Biophysics. ZHUANG's website: http://zhuang.harvard.edu

Professor ZHUANG Xiaowei giving lecture/ Photo by ZHANG Bin